Alien – Ellen Ripley Ed


Available on backorder

The Ellen Ripley Version is a tribute to the main character of the movies and introduces her in the game in several game modes.  Spanning the entire game between a new attract sequence to the
wizard modes of Self Destruct and Loader Battle. This new software version is branded 4.0 and will be made available to all Alien owners, so they can experience it too.

New partnership with The Art of Pinball
The new Alien version will also include a few pieces of stunning art from The Art of Pinball. This new partnership will have a big impact on our games onwards, but this game will specifically contain:
– Sculpted- & hand-painted LCD frame for the mini-display
– Beautifully designed Apron decal with a special metal effect
– Hand-painted Xeno head for an even more immersive experience

New unique artwork
The whole game will feature new artwork both on the outside as well as the inside. There is a new
Loader Battle inspired translite and a multi-faceted atmosphere on the entire cabinet with assets
from both Alien and Aliens. The interior is partly new as well with new art for the entire inside of the

Alien – Ellen Ripley Ed