PinCrawler Stair Climber Dolly


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PinCrawler Advantage:

Objective was to develop a stair climbing solution that would be;

  • easy to use
  • safer
  • target price point for the average home owner with stairs or basement.


24V Lithium rechargeable battery.  Charger will charge to capacity and then trickle charge to maintain voltage without overcharging.

Upsized motor/gearbox and battery combination provides 600lb rated load capacity for 15 flights of stairs on a single charge of the battery.

Caster Wheels on the bottom of the platform allow for mobility in tight spaces where zero degree turns and sideways motion may be needed to navigate landings in split level homes.

Nylon Plate added to protect the bottom of the game and make loading/unload easier.

Integrated ratchet strap to secure the load

Dolly weight is 85 lbs (100lbs packaged shipping weight)

Platform folds and handles retract flat for easy transportation and compact storage.

Belt tracks are made of scuff resistant rubber suitable for carpet, hardwood, tile and cement stairs.


The gearbox and electric brake built into the motor keep the tracks locked in place so no slipping or back drive will occur.

The concept of tracks keeps the dolly always in contact with 2-3 steps at all times.  This also helps with surface area and weight distribution across multiple points.

The red bracket is for angle adjustment of the tracks.  It is recommended that for heavier loads, the tracks be set to the middle position which helps keep the center of gravity of the game low and weight on the tracks.

Controller has 3 speed control Slow/Med/Fast, Up/Down buttons and battery level indication.


Pinball, small to medium security safes, washer/dryer, dishwasher, water heater and furnaces.

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 22 × 12 in

PinCrawler Stair Climber Dolly